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Casa de Liberty, known on the Philadelphia Register of Historic Places as Mehl House, is an early colonial Germantown property that was home to the Mehl family from 1763 to 1865 and was adjacent to the Stenton Mill. The stone mill wall forms the southern boundary and encloses the rear garden. The three-story residence is built of Wissahickon schist with a true center hall and a one-story rear addition added later. The hall leads to the backyard porch and the stairwell to the second and third floors. The stair railing and third floor plank flooring are all that may remain of the colonial original.

Germantown Theatre Centre is a small theatre that has loomed large in community theatre history. This barn/ theatre, converted in 1933, is the former home of the Germantown Theater Guild where the first televised play and first televised Shakespeare production were performed, and where the first play in the United States was performed with a racially integrated cast. In the 1800s a tunnel ran from the house to the barn basement with a bolt hole,hiding runaway slaves on the Underground Railroad leading to freedom in Canada.

Germantown was originally a village to the north of Philadelphia, for many years a seasonal and health-inspired destination for city residents. It actually has more examples of colonial architecture than Williamsburg, Virginia. The village grew and examples of architecture with both European and American original designs abound. Germantown Avenue holds examples of both residential and commercial development of the 17th through 21st centuries.